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About Elite Defence Academy

South Africa’s premier self-defence training organisation

Elite Defence Academy was founded in 2007 by Des Brown, and has since built up an enviable reputation as South Africa’s premier self-defence training organisation, with close to 20 Krav Maga instructors in South Africa and a club in Namibia. We offer on-going weekly Krav Maga classes, seminars, krav maga workshops, specialist self-defence courses and personal training that has literally changed the lives of thousands of people.

What makes us different?

There are many self-defence organisations and trainers out there, and it can be a minefield of uncertainty for someone who’s simply looking for practical, effective training.  

To train with us, or simply visit to see what we do, you don’t have to be in shape, be fit, have any experience, or be particularly vicious. You can just come as you are, because although we teach incredibly effective self-defence, we actually have a lot of fun, in a safe and non-threatening environment.

We teach Krav Maga – the powerful, yet amazingly simple Israeli military and civilian combat system. It’s used in various formats by elite military units around the world, and also by agencies like the FBI and CIA – precisely because it’s so effective. It uses brain instead of brawn, and allows even a smaller defender (like a woman or child) to decisively stop a bigger, stronger attacker in his tracks. It teaches you how to defend against weapons like knives and guns, too, even if you’re empty-handed.

Our training is safe. There are no egos. No-one is checking you out. You can dress comfortably, and you can learn many of our techniques in under 60 seconds.

For all the tough guys out there:

Did we mention that many of the techniques we teach you are the same techniques that have been taught to the US Special Forces? Yes, many of the most elite military units in the world receive the same training that we present.

Why? Because it works.

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