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Worried about your child being bullied at school?

Written by the founder of BullyPROOF South Africa, this acclaimed ebook offers you an easy step-by-step program that you can teach to your child in your own home – and that will powerfully bullyproof your child in just 5 weeks!

This practical, no-nonsense handbook is something that no parent should be without – and the revised 2015 edition offers you more resources than ever. Apart from the psychologist-endorsed program, the book also gives you access to helpful online video clips, easy templates and tutorials, games and at-home toolkits.

Find out how to:

  • Deal with your child’s school – decisively and effectively
  • Deal with the parents of a bully
  • Create a powerful ‘protector network’ for your child
  • Eliminate fear and doubt, and replace them with unshakeable confidence
  • Teach your child powerful self defence techniques that are safe and age-appropriate.
  • Create emotional wellness and psychological strength.
  • Create positive habits that set your child up for lifelong success

We’ll also give you instant, professional help if you’re ever feeling out of your depth at your child’s predicament, and give you answers to any questions you may have.

Underscored by more than a decade of practical training experience, and the input of educators, therapists, and other professionals, this ebook is utterly unique – in addition to being amazingly user-friendly.

The revised 2015 edition will be available 25 October 2015, at an introductory price of only $9.98 (if you’re going to be ordering here and paying direct via PayPal, or purchasing on Amazon), or at R129.00 (if you’re ordering via direct deposit to our South African account with First National Bank).

In less than 2 hours per week, you can transform your child’s life – forever!


If you’d like to pre-order a copy of this book:

  • Mail us at
  • Tell us how you’d like to make payment (PayPal or direct bank deposit).
  • Tell us which format you’d like the book in - PDF, EPUB, etc (or simply tell us which device you would use to read it – a Kindle, Kobo, iPad, etc). We’ll format it for you – or, if you choose to buy on Amazon etc at the launch, the book will already be formatted for you.
  • We’ll mail you back the relevant banking details or PayPal account details, and you’ll be among the first to receive your copy when it’s released on 25 October.

If you’d like to be kept notified when the book releases:

  • Mail us at
  • Simply indicate that you’d like us to inform you when the book is available.
  • We’ll mail you back a confirmation, and send you a mail on launch day as a reminder.

If you need any other information, please mail us at the above address.


Are you a teacher, community figure, entrepreneur, or stay-at-home parent? Are you passionate about equipping children for an exciting future?

We’re looking for people who share our vision.

With a total setup investment of only R3200, this is an opportunity to run your own successful small business, with vast earning potential, while presenting an amazing life skills program to children in your area or community.

To find out what our requirements are, please pop us a mail and we’ll send you full information and a no-obligation prospectus.


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