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Krav Maga Instructor - GREG YEN

Greg Yen is an Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga instructor who places immense focus on form and efficiency. In seeking out the most practical and effective system of self-defence, Greg started a journey with Elite Defence Academy that was to culminate in a lifelong passion, and a role as a krav maga instructor.

Greg is able to draw accurate and insightful comparisons when speaking about the technicalities of many different martial arts, and does not hesitate to point out the advantages of EDA Krav Maga as one of the most practical and highly effective systems in the world. He has had many years of experience in several martial arts, including ninjutsu, jeet kune do, and aikijutsu.

“It’s very simple,” he says. “The reason EDA Krav Maga Evolution is so effective is because it uses body dynamics to achieve power, rather than brute strength. That means that even a smaller female vastly increases her defensive capability by using physics to overcome someone who is bigger or stronger.”

For Greg, Krav Maga is also not just about inflicting damage to an attacker, though. He sees Krav Maga as being a vehicle for positive change in the lives of those who practice it, and his approach to his trainees is one of careful consideration and personal insight.

“The goal of Krav Maga is to preserve peace in an imperfect world,” he says. “It makes sense to see the good in all people, to expect the best, but also to be thoroughly prepared for those moments where you may have to defend yourself. It makes sense to learn Krav Maga.”


Jacques Magill


Greg Yen

Phone: 083 703 1455
Email: greg.kravmaga@gmail.com

Krav Maga Classes in Germiston

In partnership with Jacques Magill, Greg teaches scheduled classes in the Sunnyridge area, as well as being available for personal training by arrangement.

Training Facility:

Sunnyridge Primary School
Pitts Avenue, Symridge.
Entrance in Korhaan Street 

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 19h00 - 20h30


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