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Krav Maga Instructor - HENDRIK YZELLE

EDA Krav Maga black belt and instructor Hendrik Yzelle is dedicated to the physical and personal transformation of his students.

As director and senior instructor at Quantum Krav Maga / Quantum Fit in Centurion, Hendrik is constantly pushing the boundaries of technical excellence as he instructs hybrid Krav Maga at a high level.

“At Quantum, we absolutely echo the vision of Elite Defence Academy,” he says. “In exactly the same way, we’re in a process of evolution – exploring the interface between the power of traditional martial arts, and the raw practicality of Krav Maga.”

Hendrik draws on his years of experience in Aikido and Aikijutsu to instil vital combative principles in his Krav Maga training: posture breaks, flow, biomechanical leverage, and the devastating power of the joint locks and throws for which these martial arts are famous.

One of the areas where this approach is proving immensely popular is with children – a particular passion and point of focus at Quantum.

“Obviously, you can’t teach children self-defence techniques that are inherently dangerous,” emphasizes Hendrik. “So, the obvious solution is to begin by showing them how to subdue an aggressor or a bully without inflicting crippling damage. And that’s where the emphasis on grappling and limb locks comes in.”

Hendrik works in close association with EDA and Des Brown, consulting and cross-training as he continues to grow the reputation of Quantum Krav Maga as a force to be reckoned with – and a place where adults and children can learn some of the best practical self-defence in South Africa.



Hendrik Yzelle

Phone: 072 592 2105
Email: yzellehendrik760@gmail.com

Training Facility:

Quantum Krav Maga
38 Houtkapper Street

Mondays & Wednesdays 19h00 – 20h00

Hendrik provides scheduled classes at Quantum Krav Maga in Centurion. In addition, he offers specialised courses and workshops to public, club, and corporate groups. These include a Practical Self Defence workshop, a Combat Grappling workshop, and a Joint locks workshop, as well as others. Hendrik is also available for personal training in the Centurion area by arrangement.


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