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Krav Maga Instructor - JENNIFER GILL

EDA Women’s Self Defence instructor Jennifer Gill is no stranger to the reality of life in South Africa. Several years ago, while out shopping, she was caught up in an armed robbery that prompted her to investigate realistic self-defence training – and in the process, changed her life.
“I realized, at that moment, just how unprepared I was,” Jenni says. “I knew that realistically there wasn’t much I could have done, but I also knew that I had to overcome my fears and find a way to restore my self-confidence.”

Jenni joined her very first Krav Maga class, and was struck by the simplicity and effectiveness of the techniques that were being taught. She progressed in her training, and within two years, was teaching practical self-defence to high-level corporate groups of women, as well as groups of schoolgirls who enthusiastically embraced the usefulness of what she was teaching.

“Every woman should know at least some basic self-defence,” she states. “Of course, you can just carry on and pretend that nothing will ever happen to you – and hopefully, it won’t – but in a country where crime is a daily reality, it makes absolute sense to know how to deal properly with a potentially uncomfortable or dangerous situation.”

Jenni has appeared on several TV and radio shows, is a director of BullyProof South Africa, and is also integrally involved with several organizations that campaign for the safety of women and children in South Africa.

“Don’t be afraid,” she says. “Take that first step. Call us, come and see what we do. It’s safe, it works, it’s fun and it really is very simple.  It’ll change your life forever.”


Jennifer Gill


Jennifer Gill

Phone: 084 230 6776
Email: jennifer.kravmaga@gmail.com 

Women’s self-defence classes

Training Facility:

Jenni offers group presentations and workshops across the greater Johannesburg area, and in other areas by arrangement.


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