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Krav Maga Instructor - JOMA O’KILL

Joma O’Kill is a trainer who firmly believes that Krav Maga and self-defence training is one of the most important skills that women should learn.

“Too many women and too many people generally, think that they’ll somehow just ‘know’ what to do if there’s a crisis,” she says. “But actually, the opposite is true – and even a basic training course can make a huge difference in a world where crime and violence are a reality.”

More than this, though, Joma is passionate about the changes she’s seen in people who undergo training at Swakopmund Fight Club, Namibia’s most well-equipped and prestigious self-defence training centre.

“It’s about changing perceptions,” she says. “You can live safely and confidently when you know that you have the ability to create a secure environment for yourself and your family. For example, I see women - who have perhaps had a negative experience – come into our training environment, and within just one session, there’s a visible transformation. They find a sense of genuine power and purpose, and their entire lives begin to change.”

Joma offers courses and workshops in a variety of skills: EDA Self Defence for Women, the practical use of pressure points for self-defence, the EDA Knife Course (which teaches effective use of a knife for self-defence), and the EDA Anti-Hijacking Workshop, among others.
Says Joma: “It’s also not only about training. It’s about developing friendships, and a sense of community. People become inspired when they see other overcome challenges and transform their lives. That’s our real goal: to help people, especially women, to find their strength and do things in their lives that they never dreamed were possible.”




Joma O’Kill
Phone: +264 81 621 1962
Email:  swkfightclub@yahoo.com

Training Facility:             

Swakopmund Fight Club

10 Einstein Street
New Industrial Area

Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays 18h00 – 19h00

Joma assists Martin Gunther with the running of Swakopmund Fight Club. She offers courses, seminars and workshops to public groups, corporate groups and others. She is also available for personal training for women by arrangement.


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