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Krav Maga Instructor - MARCEL DE BEER

Marcel de Beer is an experienced Krav Maga practitioner and Instructor, tactical shooting enthusiast, and popular Kids Academy Trainer.

Marcel spent his formative years in Krav Maga under the guidance and expert instruction of Jacques Alberts - the second highest ranked instructor within Elite Defence Academy.

"It has been an amazing journey," says Marcel. "I learned early on what realistic training is all about - and I loved it."

Marcel rose rapidly through the EDA ranks, refining his learning as he progressed. Today, he is a co-instructor at Elite Defence Academy Secunda, forming part of the Ultimate Fight Club collaboration, where he also cross-trains in MMA, Brazilian Jujitsu, and other hybrid combat systems.

"What you put in is what you get out," says Marcel, "and I do my very best to get that across to our young trainees. You're investing in yourself, you're investing in the safety of your family, and we take what we do seriously."

Marcel, along with Jacques Alberts, offers Krav Maga training in the Secunda area.


Jacques Magill


Marcel de Beer

Phone: +27 76 434 7750

Email: ultimate.eda.dom@gmail.com

Area: Secunda


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