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Chris and Nick Martin are twins who are no strangers to the martial arts. They were raised as active participants in Goju style Karate, both achieving multiple black belts as teenagers. They went on to become competitors and acclaimed South African champions, before taking a hiatus from Karate to explore the world of combative self defence systems.

It was at this point that they were introduced to Krav Maga when they visited their very first class, held by Des Brown. They were instantly attracted to the simplicity and practicality of Krav Maga, even as a fascination began to develop for the flow and power contained in the EDA Krav Maga Evolution system.

After almost three years of diligent training, the Martin brothers qualified as skilled EDA Krav Maga instructors. In addition to running classes and workshops, they still self-train rigorously as they explore related combative systems and martial arts offered alongside the EDA structure.
Says Nick: “It’s really been amazing to see how so many martial arts are all built on the same fundamental principles‚Ķ for us, it’s been an opportunity to distil things, and present realistic self-defence techniques that are genuinely easy for anyone to learn.”¬†

Chris agrees: “It’s been an awesome journey. We’ve learned so much, you know, going from strength to strength. And the more we discover, the more there is to learn. We’re never going to stop. And we want to share this with people.”


Christopher Martin

Nicholas Martin


Chris Martin
Phone: 076 658 3209
Email: chrism.kravmaga@gmail.com

Nick Martin
Phone: 076 658 3210

Training facility:

The Martin brothers offer classes in the Boksburg area, and are also available for personal training by arrangement.

Classes: Thursdays from 7pm - 8:30pm
Casa Dos Poveiros Hall
177 Dayan Road
GPS co-ords: 26.1887S - 28.2309E


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