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Krav Maga Instructor - ROBIN PAYNTER

Robin Paynter is one of Elite Defence Academy’s youngest Krav Maga instructors. He began training with the intention of simply learning a form of basic self-defence, but quickly realised that he had a natural aptitude for the movements and principles contained in the EDA Krav Maga Evolution system.

Devoting himself to training, he progressed rapidly, assisting with classes and learning as much as he could from a number of instructors. He underwent the EDA instructor course, demonstrating a high level of ability as he equipped himself for the task of training students.

“I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed anything this much,” says Rob. “I think Krav Maga, and self-defence generally, is a vital basic life skill that everyone should have, and I want to share it with as many people as possible. It’s like learning how to swim, or do first aid – it’s a very good idea to have the skills handy if you need them.”

Despite his apparent youth, Rob is able to convey the principles and techniques he teaches with incredible insight and depth of understanding. His students readily testify to the difference his teaching has made in their lives, and he continues to build a loyal and enthusiastic following as demonstrates the power and simplicity of EDA Krav Maga Evolution.

Says Rob: “A lot of people seem to think that training for self-defence is a “tough guy” kind of thing. Well, it can be, but that’s not what we’re about. We offer common sense self-defence for everyone, that’s actually safe and easy to learn. It’s smart. And… it’s fun!”




Rob Paynter

Phone: 082 822 9695
Email: rob.kravmaga@gmail.com

Krav Maga classes in Brakpan and Benoni

Training facility:
12 Sarel Cilliers Street
Tuesdays 18h00 – 19h30

Church premises
114 Germains Street, corner of Park Street
Entrance is on Park Street
Fridays 19h00 – 20h30

Robin offers classes in Benoni and Brakpan, and is also available for courses, group workshops, and personal training by arrangement. He also presents popular self-defence workshops and courses to schools and youth groups.


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