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Krav Maga Instructor - RUAN NEL

Ruan Nel is an instructor who has invested time and effort into learning from some of Elite Defence Academy’s most experienced practitioners.

Ruan trained under Jacques Alberts, who is one of EDA’s most well-rounded and knowledgable instructors, and who is now also the director of 1834 Tactical, Elite Defence Academy’s tactical firearm training affiliate.

“When I started training with Jacques, I had two immediate reactions,” says Ruan with a smile. “The first was that I wasn’t sure that I could cope, and the second was that I never wanted it to stop.”

Ruan believes that the EDA system is among the best he’s ever encountered – and that its greatest strength lies in the adaptability of the techniques and the scientific approach to training.

“Logically, a smaller woman just doesn’t have the muscle size and upper body strength of a man, for example,” says Ruan. “And what makes the EDA system so different – and so amazing – is the fact that it genuinely enables someone like that to not only survive, but to win against a bigger, stronger assailant.”

The seemingly relaxed and flowing appearance of the Elite Defence Academy system can be deceptive, though, and Ruan has had firsthand experience of the power that it unlocks when used properly.

“If you had to take the very best elements of every effective martial art out there, and combine them into a system that is simple enough for anybody to learn,” says Ruan, “…then the EDA system is what you’d get. It’s been proven in training, and it’s been proven in reality. It works.”

Ruan conducts training in the Lydenburg area.


Ruan Nel


Ruan offers training in the greater Lydenburg area.


Email: ruannel216@gmail.com

Cell: 082 256 1441


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