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Krav Maga Instructor - BENNO & SHAWNA STAPEL

Benno and Shawna Stapel are passionate about equipping men and women from all walks of life with essential skills that enhance safety and personal security.

Shawna is also a licensed Kids Academy Trainer, and together with Benno, her goal is to teach those of all ages how to deal with conflict in daily life.

“What attracted me to the Elite Defence Academy system of Krav Maga was its simplicity,” says Benno. “Anybody can learn Krav Maga, and this system is designed to work for you, regardless of size or strength.”

“These are skills that every woman should have,” says Shawna. “We’re willing to invest in so many things – but very often we tend to neglect ourselves. My message to the ladies out there is that this is something you deserve. It’s about being in a space where you can confidently look after yourself and your loved ones if you have to.”

Residing in Pretoria North, Benno and Shawna offer training in the Pretoria area, as well as group workshops, teambuilding events, and personal Krav Maga training.




Shawna Stapel

Phone: 079 215 0191
Email: kravmaga.elitedefense@gmail.com

Benno Stapel

Phone: 082 570 0071
Email: kravmaga.elitedefense@gmail.com


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