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Krav Maga Instructor - ADRIAN BROWN

Adrian Brown is an instructor who has the ability to coach his clients on several different levels.

As a well-known strength, fitness and body transformation coach, he has already established himself as a sought-after personal trainer, not only through his online coaching system, but also with the face-to-face clients who have seen amazing changes under his supervision.

For several years, Adrian has trained in two combative systems: Krav Maga and Muay Thai, and integrates both disciplines into his uniquely distinctive approach to teaching.

“What has always stood out to me about the Elite Defence Academy system is its simplicity,” he says. “Anyone can learn this, everything fits together logically, and it’s tremendously powerful.”

Adrian offers personal training in and around the greater Johannesburg area, from Pretoria in the North to Midvaal in the South, as well as the East and West Rand areas. He caters to individuals as well as small groups or families, at rates which are affordable.

“If you live in South Africa, where violent crime is rampant, then getting even some fundamental self defence training is a smart thing to do,” says Adrian. “Everything starts with a decision. And that one simple step, that moment when you decide to take action, is the moment at which your life changes.”

To visit Adrian’s personal website, please go to https://fitscape.wordpress.com/.

Alternatively, you can contact him via the details on this page.


Adam Strever



Phone: 061 398 3797
Email: fitscapebody@gmail.com

Adrian offers personal training to individuals, families, and small groups in and around the greater Johannesburg area.


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