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Krav Maga Instructor - BART ERNEST POTGIETER

Bart Ernest Potgieter has been training in self-defence systems and Krav Maga for 8 years. He also trains in multiple disciplines (Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai). Krav Maga and martial arts have instilled a deep yearning for knowledge regarding self defence and desire to convey that knowledge that he has learnt through tireless hours of sweat and blood. Bart received his Black Belt from Elite Defence Academy in 2013, and also competes in multiple grappling tournaments locally.

Having competed, Bart realized that ring sports and self-defence are two completely different beasts and a far more pragmatic and practical approach to self-defence is required.

Elite Defence Academy's system has a fun and adaptable approach that is easy to learn and remember should the situation arise where our students are required to defend themselves.


Bart Ernest Potgieter


Bart Ernest Potgieter

Phone: 084 999 3496

Email: bartp456@gmail.com

Area: Vereeniging and Alberton

Venue Details: Krav Maga classes at Pitbull Dojo in Three Rivers (Vaal) and also ERBJJ – South in Alberton

North Training Facilities: Pitbull Dojo Elite Defence Academy - Vaal Shop No 7 (upstairs next to Centre Management Office), River Square Shopping Centre, Nile Drive , Three Rivers

ERBJJ – South Corner 2nd Avenue and Helston Street, Alberton North (Hennie Jonker Hall)

Bart presents weekly Krav Maga classes at Pitbull Dojo on Tuesday and Thursday evening 17h15 to 20h00 and private lessons on Saturday mornings from 08h00 – 12h00.

Bart presents weekly Krav Maga classes at ERBJJ - South Dojo on Monday and Wednesday evening 19h00 to 20h00.


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