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Krav Maga Instructor - CHRIS TROSKIE

Chris Troskie has been involved in the martial arts for a number of years, having trained in Goju Karate from the age of 9, and achieving a 2nd Dan ranking in the Japanese art. He has also trained in Muay Thai and Brazilian JiuJitsu, before encountering Krav Maga in the form of Elite Defence Academy’s unique Evolution system.

“As good as the traditional and sporting arts are, I knew there was more out there,” says Chris. “I knew that I needed to find a system that addresses real-world combat in ways that are practical, simple, and smart. And that’s where my current journey began.”

Chris quickly realised the value of the EDA Evolution system, and began training with purpose and focus.

“To me, what really stood out was the fact that in the real world, there are no rules,” says Chris. “The average criminal out there doesn’t care how many belts you have – he has a gun, or he has a knife, and he does what he does for a living. In many cases, it’s your life or his – and he’s betting that he’ll win.”

Within the space of only a few years, Chris attained his first level Black Belt, and shortly thereafter, completed the EDA Instructor Course with outstanding results.

“Elite Defence Academy has become a home to me,” says Chris with a broad smile. “I’ve made some incredible friends, I’m in a zone where people are humble and willing to learn – even our instructors – and yet display an often amazing level of capability. This is a system that emphasizes the rock-solid basics of living safely, thinking intelligently, and being aware of trouble before it happens. And if it trouble does happen, you use what you know and you make sure you win and come out alive and safe. What more could you want?”

Chris is available for private training in the greater Johannesburg and East Rand area.


Christ Troskie




46 Rooibos Ave
Allen Grove
Kempton Park

Day / Time:
Wednesdays 7pm - 8:30pm


Email: chris_troskie@hotmail.com
Cell:  082 551 5216          


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