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Krav Maga Instructor - DES BROWN

Elite Defence Academy founder and senior Krav Maga instructor

Des Brown is the director, senior krav maga instructor and founder member of Elite Defence Academy (EDA) in South Africa. He is also a director of BullyProof South Africa, an organization responsible for transforming the lives of thousands of young people across South Africa.

Des has been involved in various martial arts for the past 30 years, with the last 10 years being devoted to Krav Maga and related combative systems. He underwent military service during the 1980’s, and was involved in active operations during the Angolan bush war at the time.

Elite Defence Academy was founded in early 2007, and Des has trained a broad cross-section of students over the years: officers and members of the SANDF, security personnel, SAPS members, and men and women from all walks of life. In the process, Elite Defence Academy has become South Africa’s largest, fastest growing and most user-friendly self-defence training group. 

As part of his mandate as head of Elite Defence Academy, Des is also constantly consulting and cross-training with experts in many related fields, such as weapons specialists and high-level martial arts trainers from all over the world. Des also firmly believes that realistic self-defence is not just about “punching and kicking”, but that a much deeper understanding is required, taking into account issues like combat psychology, strategy and tactics, an understanding of predator behaviour, body language, awareness skills, verbal and psychological de-escalation, and vitally important legal knowledge. However, at the centre of this framework is the devastating effectiveness of the combative system taught within EDA, which relies on intelligent biomechanics, leverage, and tactical superiority to ensure survival and victory.

Although Elite Defence Academy has been affiliated directly to an Israeli body in the past – as well as receiving endorsements from other international organisations – Des believes that the value of Elite Defence Academy lies in its deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in South Africa. EDA is 100% independent and South African, and is perfectly equipped to provide trainees with practical, tactical and authentic self-defence that is proven and effective.

Anyone is welcome to become a part of Elite Defence Academy.

As Des puts it: “I believe that our organisation reflects the true spirit of Krav Maga and combative martial arts around the world - we offer the very best self-defence training to anyone who wants it, while instilling a culture of fun, community, responsibility, and mutual respect in everything we do. Who wouldn’t want to be part of something like that?”


Des Brown


Des Brown

Phone: 076 533 9715
Email: dbkravdefense@gmail.com

Krav Maga Classes in Bedfordview

Training Facility:

Des runs scheduled Krav Maga classes in Bedfordview and Benoni.
He also conducts workshops, Krav maga courses, seminars and other events by arrangement.

Bedfordview Scout Hall
Cnr of Florence Avenue & Disa Road
Classes: Mondays & Wednesdays 19h00 – 20h30


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