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Krav Maga Instructor - SHALTO SCHOEMAN

Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga instructor Shalto Schoeman is an established martial arts practitioner and is a member of the SAPS. Shalto is also currently a Security Director at one of South Africa’s biggest residential estates. Shalto specializes in strike teams, dog units, surveillance and intelligence. He also advises the farming community on how to combat farm attacks, as well as in proven methods to increase their safety and security.

With a strong background in Karate where Shalto is still an instructor, Shalto felt there was a need for a more dynamic and real life based martial art, and diligently researched what Krav Maga had to offer before joining Elite Defence Academy. He is now also teaching EDA Krav Maga and loves how effective it is with his security customers and the farming community.

Due to the nature of his security work, Shalto is constantly faced with the dangers of the street and can testify to the real-life effectiveness of Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga. “Krav Maga is not a sport,” says Shalto. “What our system teaches is based on the realities of South African streets, and the dangers we as citizens face every day of our lives.”

Shalto is also an instructor with the K9 Units (Dog Units) with various dog schools in a private capacity. Shalto points out: “Krav Maga will teach you to not just look at defending yourself in hand to hand combat, but by using your surroundings as your weapon as well. Examples of this would be a personal guard dog, hand gun, knife and using your environment to your advantage.”

Shalto has one last word of advice: “Always remember: every time you stay out late, every time you sleep in, every time you miss a workout, and every time you do not give 100% to your training, you make it easier for an attacker to hurt you. So join our family. You don’t have to be strong, or fit… just make a start, come as you are, and we’ll welcome you.”

Shalto offers training in Heidelberg and Nigel.




Shalto Schoeman

Phone: 082 909 3870
Email: shaltoschoeman@gmail.com

Training Facility:

Cnr of Louw and Jacob street
Mondays: 19:00 – 20:30


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