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Krav Maga Testimonials

Elite Defence Academy instructors are passionate about Krav Maga, but more so – we’re passionate about empowering ordinary, everyday people – by providing them with the tools to live with confidence. We don’t entertain a victim mind set but show people that they do have options.

Are you interested in attending a Krav Maga class, but worried that you may be like a fish out of water?  Worried that you’re not in shape and won’t be able to keep up?  Don’t want to embarrass yourself with your two left feet – or not ‘as young as you used to be’?

Relax – have a read through some of the Krav Maga testimonials we’ve received from real peoplepeople just like you…

…’ All I can say is “Excellent”. The Krav Maga Women’s Self Defence workshop, held on the 20 April 2013 at Elite Defence Academy, was not only enjoyable, but it also offered so many practical tips for ladies, who may find themselves in ‘precarious’ situations from time to time.

In this day and age, women need to be extra vigilant in their daily lives, whether it is going to work each day or something, as simple as going for a walk in the park.  One should always be alert to the potential dangers or threats out there.  I personally feel a lot more confident when I go out in public. One’s countenance is important and Krav Maga certainly helps one to cultivate a positive self-image. Hold your head up high. Show that you are not scared to be a confident woman.
…“Yes even if I have a mini skirt on, with the highest of heels, dude, if you start with me I won’t hesitate to protect myself”…

Even though I am a cautious person by nature, I would always wonder “What if somebody was to accost me? How would I react?”  My answer to these questions is simple -“Watch Out or Be Sorry”. I now feel that I have a really good basic knowledge of self-defence.

Thank You to Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga. I look forward to attending more of these empowering workshops. This has truly been a blessing in my life’.

- Karen, age 38.
Executive Personal Assistant

I’ve never been one to start a fight, simply because I am not the biggest of people and I am a lover of peace. However, in the current times, violent situations arise and they generally end with you and your loved ones hurt, and sometimes killed. So I took it upon myself to learn a self-defence system that is effective, that does not require strength, and does not require me breaking my bones doing leg splits and and… I researched Krav and I came across EDA’s website, read it, and signed up the same day.

3 Months later, I stand so much taller because I can protect the ones I love. Period. At Elite Defence Academy -  Des Brown in particular, has given me another view to fears that would normally cripple my thoughts and freeze my body. What stands out about it, is the maturity that comes with it. This is not for street brawlers who want to punch everything that walks, it’s for people who want to preserve lives. Obviously, it is cool. Me being a person who loves detail, I can defend against stronger and bigger guys with technique. Not force, technique. How cool is that?!!
I recommend this system to anyone who has loved ones. To the guys who want to do it for fun, hey, Des Brown’s way of Krav maga is one of the best. Evolving. Realistic. Simple. And also cool.
Please do come through for a class, and come meet the rest of the class. You will not regret it.
I’ll challenge you also to look at it not for just a couple of months, but as a lifetime investment. Because all you really have in the end, is your life.

-Nelisizwe Tsetseoa

Krav Maga is unique in that it adds varying levels of value to the people who take part in the training.  Firstly you will note that your fitness  improves dramatically, doing stand-up sparring sessions which takes you to the ground, then back up and down again really takes it out of you.  This becomes easier and easier.  As your fitness improves so does your general health and your ability to do more, push harder for longer.

The other key value it adds is it provides you with a skill set and knowledge base of how to handle and what techniques to use in varying dangerous situations.  The value of this cannot be overestimated.

This training also provides you with a quiet confidence in your abilities to handle anything that may come your way, as you start to see your skills improve and your techniques becoming more fluid your confidence will begin to grow.  It's this confidence that provides you with the ability to face someone who is physically intimidating and think to yourself ".... I’ve got this......." you are able to control your fear because the confidence in yourself is greater than your fear of the person.
Your confidence will begin to affect other areas of your life, such as work, university, other sports clubs etc and you will begin to notice that people start taking note of this and all of this is because you are confident within yourself and your abilities.

This confidence alone is enough to make training worthwhile, to know that you will have the confidence to perform any task at work, varsity etc. because if you can face an opponent in sparring then you can make the presentation successful or lead a discussion with your peers.   
The results will be the same – you’ll look at what you need to do, and will think to yourself:"....This is nothing, I’ve got this....."

-Wesley-Mark Jonsson
MBA student

…’Living in a dangerous country like South Africa, is certainly enough, and crucial - to all to learn some form of self-defence.  I started from scratch at the ripe age of 50 years. Krav Maga, (apparently unlike other martial arts) is practical and to the point, and the practitioner is enabled at an early stage to handle relatively complex situations with easy-to-learn, practical solutions, which apparently takes a far longer time to achieve doing traditional martial arts.

The scientific approach and adaptability of Krav Maga should be considered as the key to its effectiveness. It is constantly evolving, looking for modern solutions in ever changing and different environments, without ignoring old and proven techniques which stood the test of time. At the same time, those techniques which simply do not fit the bill in this day and age are eliminated and/or replaced by modern and more practical versions.

Krav Maga can therefore never be rigid, nor can the practitioners ever complain about boredom. Classes are always exiting and the energy which it generates, is contagious - doesn't matter how bad your day was.

Personally, Krav Maga re-instated a sense of self-value, respect, confidence and a greater awareness of the environment. Most of all it taught me humbleness’...

-Ted Marais, age 50+

After being a victim of a road rage incident, I made the decision that should I be in a similar confrontational situation, I will know how to handle myself. Joining Des Brown's Krav Maga classes was the best self-development gift I could have given myself.

After only 6 months of attending classes I have the confidence to deal with many of life's unexpected confrontational occurrences. Des doesn't train you to be a backstreet brawler, rather he conditions you how to think, react and handle the situation in a way that will most likely save your life. Combined with his dry jokes and motivational character, this is the perfect recipe for fun, effective learning and training. I would definitely recommend his classes to anyone looking to develop or enhance their combat skills.

-Yushen Naidoo

I started Krav Maga with a friend as one of my biggest fears in life was I would not be able to defend my loved ones or myself if I ever needed to. When I walked into some hall and I found myself nervous to see how my first lesson would go I saw the trainer, Des Brown, walk in with a smile and an aura that lit up the room, an aura that made such an impact on me and my life that from that moment on I knew I was were I belonged, with my Krav family.  As it so happens Krav did so much more than just that, since I started Krav and since it involves some fitness I have lost some weight and gained some muscle which has largely impacted on my self-confidence. Sometime into my training I  realized I had grown such a love for the art form that is Krav it changed my life ever since. I would recommend any person in the world to train Krav because it is so much more than just a self defense class and I have never regretted walking into my first krav lesson and starting my journey that has introduced me to all different kinds of people from all walks of life all brought together by Krav.

-Sam Zlotnick 17
Highschool student

I started Krav nearly two months ago, the reason why I started was because a work colleague was doing it and stuff like Krav has always intrigued me.

My first night there was the selling point for me, I arrived just before the class was due to begin, that’s where I first met Des Brown.

We warmed up and then I was introduced to the class, wow was that life altering .Des gives a very good idea of techniques and demonstrations as to how, what and why. He is really passionate, has a hands on approach, and has a  way of delivering the point or the parts thereof in  the evening class. He walks you through all the steps from novice to really expert level.  What is nice is that everyone’s questions are answered right away and there is normally a first-hand demonstration repeated as many times as need be. Krav is also a good release from a tough day at the office or on site.

You don’t need to have any previous experience or knowledge on fighting or self-defence, and I assume its applicable to people of all ages.  People are put into every day scenarios which are very real and we are taught how not to panic and what not to do and most importantly how to walk away from it safely.

Krav for me is a combination of really good people learning how to do bad things to help themselves be safe.

Des is a great instructor and likes to challenge you to think out of the box, because you never know what the real situation will be like, so you learn the guidelines and techniques, but it’s never right or wrong. Also remember bad people don’t have rules!

-Kendall Dixon
Rigging Technical Operations Manager

…”After the traumatic experience of an armed home invasion, I started Krav Maga. The classes have taught me more than I could have hoped to have learned, and with only one year of training, I've become my own weapon.

I have more confidence in my day-to-day living because I no longer live in fear. If I'm held at gunpoint, or with a knife, I have a plan of action. Too many women rely on the men in their lives to protect them when, in reality, these men are just as helpless when staring down the barrel of a gun.
I am fully confident in my ability to protect myself, and those I love, and I "pity the fool" who decides to attack this so-called "easy" target”...

- Tayla Kaplan, age 20.

I started learning Krav Maga due to the escalating violent behaviour that is taking place in our society today.  People seem to have no regard for others anymore, and crime, murder and violent behaviour is far too common place. I have had numerous incidents where people have attempted to hurt me.  This led me to deciding to make a stand and take control of my life.

Since joining Elite Defence Academy, my whole view on life and my approach to many things has changed. It has helped me to take control of situations, to remain calm and focus on the task at hand.  I have also learnt to take charge in an altercation and how to diffuse a hostile situation whenever and wherever it may happen.  All this has led up to me being in control of my life and making the right choices in any given situation.

Krav Maga has given me the self-confidence to live my life to the fullest and to be confident in my approach no matter what happens.  It has taught me to be aware and relaxed at the same time and to remain vigilant. Training at Elite Defence Academy has been incredibly empowering and I would recommend it to anyone - no matter your age or fitness level.  It truly is like awaking from a deep sleep and seeing the sun rise - knowing that this day is mine and I can handle whatever comes my way.

- Adam Strever

I started training in Krav Maga simply to acquire a new personal skill.  I prepared myself for intense and hard physical training but was surprised at how easy it was and how quickly I learned the techniques.  Des Brown’s class is very relaxed and learning from him is easy and fun.  Not that I needed it, but training with him also boosted my confidence especially in conflict situations.  I know that no matter how dire the situation seems, I have a real chance to get out alive and protect my loved ones.
- Pieter Brink

 …’Krav Maga has firstly brought new outlook and awareness to my life and my fitness has also improved. The people I've met have opened my eyes and are open to sharing their knowledge and helping others learn.

I thoroughly enjoy Krav Maga and am very eager to continue my training. It's a very enjoyable and highly effective form of self-defence.

Here's to getting to the same level as my teachers’…

- Tyson, age 30.

…”I have been doing Krav Maga for about 2 years. I am 17 and still in school. Krav Maga gave me self-confidence and made me believe in myself. It also helped me through some tough times and taught me how to control my anger”...
- Ruanne Nel, 17

…’Krav Maga training has answered a lot of the 'what if's ...?' of this violent society, with 'how to ...'."
- Keith Tamkei.
Art Director.

…’Krav Maga has opened my eyes and mind in so many ways. I’m not oblivious to the crime in this country, but I also don’t live in fear.

I am always aware of what goes on around me, especially when driving.  Krav Maga has taught me that I can stand up for myself and will be able to fight for my safety if attacked. Let’s face it... it’s either me or him.

Krav Maga is about survival – there are no rules, if my life is being threatened. I will do what I need to do, to save my life and those of my loved ones. I also know now that as long as I fight back I have a chance’...

- Lieschen, age 26
Technician, Structural Engineering

‘…A very informative and unique self-defence system, which I felt gives you better basics than the more traditional forms of self-defence.  I look forward to getting more involved in the near future.’…

-Rob Heath

…’I saw a Krav Maga video a few years back and loved it. What I saw looked really cool - but very complex. However after signing up and only training a few weeks, I saw it was the total opposite, every technique learnt is so easy to do, but more impressively is that it is highly effective and can be used by anyone. The training is amazing and has really given me more confidence, knowing I can defend myself effectively.

Just want to say a special thanks to Des for being an awesome instructor; Krav classes are very enjoyable…

- Jeremy Hoffman, age 28

…’Krav Maga = GREAT! TELLING YOU GREAT!!!! According to me, it is a MUST for everyone. (For responsible people)’…

 - Hennie Jansen van Vuuren, age 39
Conference, Catering & Accommodation Manager

…’This was a truly eye opening experience. The first Krav Maga class I attended, I didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew about Krav Maga was what I had briefly read online.

When you get down to it and try it, it is an awesome skill to learn. I was sceptical at first and have an old sports injury which prevents me from participating in contact sports. Krav Maga enables you to exert a great deal of control, with very little effort.

Classes are energetic and fun, with an awesome instructor to guide you to be the best YOU can be. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. 

On a personal note, it has certainly given me my confidence back – thank you!’…

-Theo Els



Krav Maga testimonial

…’I'm Chris, I'm 18 and I have been doing Krav for about 2 years now. I don't know where to start with telling you how it's changed my life. Krav Maga is not just another fighting style, it's a way of life, it opens your eyes to a whole new world, not only have I learned skills that can and will save my life one day, if ever I need to use them, but Krav has given me another kind of self-confidence.
I'm confident in my abilities and in myself, in all aspects of life. Krav has also shown me that I don't need to be scared and it's shown me how to be aware of my environment. It's most definitely something I would recommend to anybody with pure intentions’…
 - Christopher Falchi, age 18.


Krav Maga testimonial

I first started Krav Maga with Elite Defence Academy several years ago in high school where I was bullied a lot and had trouble defending myself. After taking up Krav maga as a self-defence system my confidence improved drastically and I feel much better knowing that I could handle myself. I find Krav Maga is much more practical compared to traditional styles of self-defence like karate, and offers all the tools I need to deal with the reality of crime which we deal with every day in South Africa. Krav Maga has toughened me up both physically and mentally, and after training with Des Brown I am now more safety conscious and aware day to day than I was before.
I believe it is better to be prepared than to be a statistic and for that reason I would absolutely recommend Krav Maga and Elite Defence Academy to any person, of any age or gender.

- Akheel Maharaj
20, Law student

Krav Maga testimonial

My name is Chris Troskie. I am 28 years old and I've been training Krav Maga since February 2014.
I have been doing Martial arts for a long time and I have been looking for a hand to hand combat sport
which deals with weapons. After looking around I found Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga. I contacted Des regarding his krav maga classes.
I visited a class and was warmly welcomed to the club and made to feel part of the family.
I was shown how easy the moves are and how to disarm a person effectively.
I do Krav Maga for one reason only, and this is to have the confidence and the ability to
remove a knife or firearm from an attacker and to protect myself and my loved ones if need be. 
We train hard, and we learn new things all the time.
I would encourage Women to come and join EDA Krav Maga. We don’t just train for firearms hold ups or knife attacks but a variety of easy and effective self - defence techniques.  It has changed me as a person in terms of having a lot more confidence and being more aware of my surroundings. Discipline is like in all martial arts styles, respect, behave and train hard.
My Moto is, the harder you train the easier it is on the streets.
-Chris Troskie 28


Krav Maga testimonial

I’m Angie, I’m 18 years old and I’ve been taking Krav Maga classes for around 3 months.  I initially started classes to give my parents peace of mind – I was going to OppiKoppie and wanted them to relax about me being able to look after myself.  Now I go to krav maga classes because it gives me peace of mind.  In our society, so many people have gotten hurt and I believe that prevention is definitely better than cure.  The techniques are easy to learn and are incredibly effective. Krav Maga has made me more confident – knowing that I can protect myself.  It’s also a lot of fun, I’ve met so many new people, made new friends and my fitness levels have also improved.

-Angie Brown, age 18


Krav Maga testimonial

My name is Sandy and I have been doing Krav Maga with Elite Defence Academy for the last 2 years. I have been fortunate enough to train with Des Brown who is the founder and Senior Instructor of EDA.
I enrolled my two teenagers in Krav Maga classes – firstly because my daughter was being stalked by her ex-boyfriend and I wanted her to learn to defend herself-defence. 3 months later and with no previous experience in any form of martial art, I was really surprised at how easy it was to perform the techniques that were being taught. Des is also fantastic in that if I struggle with a move due to my size, he is able to show me how to make the technique work for me.
 I am a small lady, but in spite of my size I am now more confident; knowing that I can defend myself, thanks to the training I have received from EDA, when I am out alone or with my 77 year old mom. Krav Maga has made me more alert in my every day activities; I make a conscious effort to be on the lookout and to avoid high risk situations and areas. Not only am I learning every week to defend myself and my family but EDA is a very family orientated group and we have a lot of fun too!
 I would not hesitate to recommend Krav Maga EDA to anyone of any age, size or fitness level.  

-Sandy Paynter

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